Masks, Safe or Sorry?
Is a mask really useful in the COVID - 19 pandemic? Is it a scam? This article talks about surgical mask people wear to go outside and do their daily tasks. The article will talk about how much the surgical masks will filter, what the mask does, and if it will prevent you from the COVID - 19 Virus.
Chenjun Zhang  2020-12-21

MIT Starts Testing Wastewater for COVID-19
Jaden Zhang  2020-9-14

What could happen if COVID-19 in the flu occurred together?
Macie Zhong  2020-9-22

“Great Adaptations” Unravels Animal Mysteries
Neurobiologist Kenneth Catania’s new book “Great Adaptations” has been making headlines all over the world. This book on amazing animal abilities was published on September 15, 2020. It focuses on making people aware of strange animals such as the star-nosed mole.
Macie Zhong  2020-10-12

A Rare Bird is Both Male and Female
Macie Zhong  2020-9-26

What is a Megalodon?
Macie Zhong  2020-10-5

What Season Did Life On Earth Begin In
Ever since the beginning of time, scientists have been trying to figure out how life-forms began on planet Earth. A new study shows that life forms most likely began in the season of spring.
Macie Zhong  2020-9-30

Antarctica’s Melting Ice May be Irreversible
Macie Zhong  2020-9-25

How rare are the Earth’s rarest diamonds?
Macie Zhong  2020-9-15

McGill’s Research Team Discovers the Key to Long-Lasting Memory
A McGill-led multi-institutional research team has recently found that amid reinforcing memory, there are at least two distinctive systems in the brain; excitatory and inhibitory networks. The excitatory neurons in the brain are responsible for producing memory trace, while the inhibitory neurons in the brain permit long-term learning memory.
Jenny Zhang  2020-9-27

Puberty Can Repair Stress Responses
Macie Zhong  2020-9-23

Footprints May Be Oldest Evidence of Human Evidence
Macie Zhong  2020-9-18

Black Hole Research Wins 2020 Nobel Prize
Black holes are amazingly massive objects with a gravitational field so strong that nothing can escape it as soon as the object falls in. The gravitational pull is so strong that light is pulled in too, therefore getting the name “black hole”.
Macie Zhong  2020-10-6

Pools of Water May Exist on Mars
Macie Zhong  2020-9-28

Astronomers Spotted A Rock Turning into A Comet
Macie Zhong  2020-9-1

How has the pandemic worsened gender inequality?
The pandemic has hit many families all around the world. The amount of workers without a job has shot up to a historic high.
Macie Zhong  2020-9-9

Hot Dog Eaters May Have Reached Their Limit
Macie Zhong  2020-7-15

What does Indonesia’s Greenery and Poverty have to do with Each Other?
Macie Zhong  2020-7-3

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