Medical Teams are Distributing COVID Vaccines to Hard-To-Reach Communities
Have you ever been deprived of something you desperately need? Melissa Pluguez, a member of a COVID vaccine medical team, cheerfully asks a man, in Spanish, if he’s right- or left-handed.
Macie Zhong  2021-6-18

Masks, Safe or Sorry?
Chenjun Zhang  2020-12-21

MIT Starts Testing Wastewater for COVID-19
Jaden Zhang  2020-9-14

Dog Finds Uncommon Species for Scientists
Dogs are often sniffing out rare species that even technology can’t find.
Jeffery Wu  2021-5-25

Invasive Species
Michelle Luo  2020-12-29

“Great Adaptations” Unravels Animal Mysteries
Macie Zhong  2020-10-12

How accurate are weather forecasts?
Don’t you want to know how the weather is going to be tomorrow? What about the next five days, or the next ten? If you want to know what the weather will be like within the next week, a weather forecast can give you a really good idea of what to expect.
Macie Zhong  2021-6-21

The Supervolcano Eruption of Yellowstone
Johanna Wu  2021-4-18

Hurricane Eta
Doria Zhang  2021-4-10

Aspects of Health with Wall-E
The different aspects of health (physical, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual) can be expressed and taught in many ways.
Macie Zhong  2021-6-14

What is an addiction?
Macie Zhong  2021-6-9

How are the body systems co-dependent?
Macie Zhong  2021-6-7

Unknown Substance Affects the Speed of the Milky Way
Have you ever thought about how dark matter affects the Milky Way? Well a new study reported in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society shows that the pull of an unidentified, invisible matter in the Milky Way’s path may be slowing down the central stars in the heart of the galaxy.
Macie Zhong  2021-6-23

Black Hole Research Wins 2020 Nobel Prize
Macie Zhong  2020-10-6

Pools of Water May Exist on Mars
Macie Zhong  2020-9-28

The History of the Lobster Roll
Do you absolutely love lobster? You will love it even more when it is already out of the shell, soaked in butter, and on a steaming roll. Eating lobster rolls is a traditional New England pastime.
Macie Zhong  2021-6-25

Should Drugs be legalized?
Macie Zhong  2021-6-16

Get to Know Vincent Van Gogh from Starry Night
Johanna Wu  2020-12-16

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