China's Annual Turnover of “Double Eleven Global Carnival” after COVID-19

Yidou Fan

Bishop Ready High School, Columbus, Ohio 43204, United States
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Received: 2020-12-26 / Accepted: 2021-1-11 / Published: 2021-1-13

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Abstract The annual Double Eleven Global Carnival came to an end not long ago. Although the Double Eleven has just been founded for 11 years, it has become one of the most influential projects in the world with its amazing total sales and sales speed and its amazing influences. For 2020, compared with previous years, whether from the perspective of customer demand or the cash flow of the business itself, it seems to be unfavorable to the sales of Double Eleven. But unexpectedly, even though the economy of many enterprises in many countries has stagnated due to the epidemic, the volume of business this year has increased significantly. Moreover, the Double Eleven continued the style of previous years. It continued to expand overseas markets, and achieved win-win situation while cooperating with other countries. In fact, there are many factors behind such a seemingly strange phenomenon.

Research Areas:  Social Science

Keywords:  Double Eleven, Global pandemic, Live broadcast