The Influence of Nature and Nurture

By  Nickey Zhang
Received: 2020-12-31 / Accepted: 2021-1-4 / Published: 2021-3-18
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Abstract Nature and nurture have been a topic of discussion for years, and yet there has been no final conclusion on what is most important. This research paper goes through the process of discovering which of the two influences the human person more, along with how, and why. Information specifically regarding the relation of nature and nurture on both health and personality are included, with given descriptions of different health conditions and situations that may cause them. Discussions on what causes different health conditions and the largest factor in those health conditions are used to determine the importance of either genes or environment. The involvement of the personalities and information of serial killers are present in this paper and serve as the biggest connection between personality and environment. However, the final conclusion of this paper is that there is no true side that overpowers the other, and the entanglement of nature and nurture are so close that it is near impossible to know which is more important, especially with the current research present. [More...]

Is the cause of RBD neurological or psychological?

By  Emma W. Guo
Received: 2020-12-31 / Accepted: 2021-2-25 / Published: 2021-3-18
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Abstract RBD stands for Rapid Eye Movement Disorder and is a sleep disorder that happens during your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. People often associate the cause of RBD with dreams because people dream during the REM stage of sleep, which is also when RBD tends to happen as well. It may affect a small fraction of the general population, but that is still a fairly large amount of people in the world who suffer from RBD. Previous research by Michel Jouvet proved that RBD in cats were caused by brain lesions, and two scientists discovered that brain lesions can suppress negative emotions. From these two discoveries I have decided to research whether or not RBD can be categorized as something to do with psychological behaviour or neurological behaviour. I have modeled two experiments and several possibilities that one may receive in which I will have a certain reasoning for each. [More...]