Young Scholar Program

Research and Writing Course

For students in middle, high schools & colleges

We promote STEAM literacy for students

The purpose of this course is to help students engage in self-directed research activities, practice critical analysis and thinking skill with academic writing and publishing. Students will have opportunities to conduct meaningful research and develop professional writing and communication skills. Much of the class will be devoted to activities for students to practice scientific writing and to reflect on their writing under guidance.   

           #1 Research (identify interests and engage in hands on learning) 

           #2 Write (promote critical thinking and develop communication) 

           #3 Publish (share achievement and demonstrate capacity) 




                                   -      Overview on how to conduct a scientific research

                                   -      Overview on how to write an academic article

                                   -      Writing components: introduction, citation, methods of research

                                   -      Writing components: experiments, data collection and analysis

                                   -      Writing components: results, discussions, conclusions

                                   -      Case study of writing examples


            Training is based on your background and needs. 

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