Hearing from our program participants. They shared their experiences from your perspectives. 



After going through the iSTEAMC thesis writing process, I have obtained a lot of remarkable experience and benefits for my life. During this project, doing research is very important, it led me to understand different viewpoints and create my own perspective that would certainly help me in university and my future. [More ...]




The iSTEAMC essay was not my first research project I’ve ever completed. From my experiences of writing research essays after participated iSTEAMC program, I summarized some tips for writing a research essay successfully. It may sound difficult to write a 3000-word academic essay, but with these techniques, you will find it less painstaking. [More ...]




iSTEAMC has taught me so much about writing a paper and has helped me thoroughly analyze my ideas. I felt as if I had learned a new perspective to writing after finishing this paper. I had never written a research paper before iSTEAMC, and this was a great place to start. There was a template and a style guide offered, which helped me immensely. I could see an outline of where everything should be in the paper. I had all the resources and guidance I needed to write something that I am passionate about. [More ...]