International STEAM Communications (iSTEAM Communications ISSN: 2691-7300) is a peer reviewed open access electronic journal that publishes original papers on education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). iSTEAM Communications encourages reports of both quantitative and qualitative studies of STEAM education in the global context. It is edited by a team of faculty and researchers at the Ohio State University.

STEAM education is emphasized worldwide as the core thrust for a sustainable globalized economy. iSTEAM Communications welcomes contributions from researchers, students, and teachers around the world to actively participate and promote education and workforce development in STEAM disciplines. Through effective communications and collaborations among the global communities of STEAM educator and practitioners, iSTEAM aims to fostering a productive community of international researchers, teachers, and learners for sustained development of STEAM education. 

Publishing a peer reviewed article has many benefits for students. Through the inquiry process of scientific research and writing, quality deep learning will occur, and students can open their eyes to the many aspects of STEAM disciplines, which are highly emphasized for the 21st century workforce. This kind of experiences can engage and prepare students for future careers in STEAM areas, and foster students’ abilities in critical thinking, creativity, complex problem-solving and communication, and leadership from young age. In addition, publishing papers can also add to students’ academic profiles, which will be valuable assets for promoting students’ future academic pathways and college applications. We hope you would encourage your students to practice their writing through research and share their ideas outcome with the scholar community on iSTEAMC.

Our current call for papers welcomes a wide range of topics in STEAM research and learning. A few examples are listed below: (all related topics are welcomed) 

  • Reports of advancement in STEAM research and technology
  • Reviews of background and history in STEAM fields
  • Reviews of STEAM education programs
  • Studies on STEAM development and society
  • Innovative projects and research carried out by students
  • Studies on STEAM education and learning

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A Letter from the Editor: The Mission of iSTEAMC 


Dear Readers, Contributors, Teachers, Students and Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest and support of the iSTEAMC program.

Quality education is the most essential element of modern society. We are in the 21st Century, which demands the future workforce to have skills adaptable for the fast-evolving world, which is beyond the routine knowledge taught in most standard education. However, the current education system is not yet fully capable of developing such skills. Both the learners and the education system have to change. In response to the challenges and demands, the framework of 21st Century skills have been established and emphasized as the foundation for the new generation education standards.

For a simple summary, the 21st Century skills include three major areas: (1) cognitive capacity including knowledge, thinking-reasoning, reflection, and innovation, (2) intrapersonal quality including value perspective, mindset, and management (often interpreted to as ethics and personality), (3) interpersonal abilities for effective communication, collaboration, and leadership.  [More...] 


Call for Papers

A Journal for Students and Teachers

iSTEAM Communications is a peer reviewed open access electronic journal that publishes original papers on research and education projects conducted by high school and college students and teachers in disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). iSTEAMC encourages reports of studies on STEAM research and education in the global context.  [More...]