Call for Papers:

iSTEAM Communications encourages the submissions of a wide variety of research articles and informative reports. Papers of all types are also welcomed. If an author is not sure about the particular type of content of a planned paper, he/she may contact the editor and submit a simple outline and description of what is planned. The editor will provide feedback as to whether the content will be of interests and how one may reshape the structure to improve the paper.

Publication Sections:

  • News (reports of international STEAM education events and activities)
  • Advancements (reports of new developments of technology, pedagogy, and programs in STEAM education)
  • Announcements and opportunities (announcements and introductions of conferences, learning camps, and training programs)
  • STEAM Learning Reports (reports or case studies from practitioners and participants of STEAM education programs)
  • STEAM Education Reviews (reviews of programs, projects, and resources of STEAM education)
  • STEAM Classrooms (reports of innovative and practical classroom pedagogy for effective STEAM learning)
  • STEAM Projects (reports of student oriented learning projects in STEAM areas)
  • STEAM Education Research (reports of education research in STEAM learning)

Through practices in writing and publishing, iSTEAMC seeks to:

  • Raise students’ awareness of STEAM fields and values to development and society
  • Engage and prepare students for future careers in STEAM areas
  • Foster students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, and complex problem-solving ability at young age
  • Showcase students’ creative research products and promote interests
  • Develop professional writing and communication skills and leadership

Topics of publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Reports of advancement in STEAM research and technology
  • Reviews of background and history in STEAM fields
  • Reviews of STEAM education programs
  • Studies on STEAM development and society
  • Innovative projects and research carried out by students
  • Studies on STEAM education and learning

iSTEAM Communications is edited by a team of educators and researchers at the Ohio State University. To submit your paper and more information, please visit Please direct any questions to our support team at